Changing The Clutch On A Semi Truck: A Brief Overview

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Moving parts eventually wear out on semi-trucks and will have to be replaced. A common problem that develops after tens of thousands of miles on the road is that the clutch will typically wear out. You need to get to a mechanic shop right away so they can replace the old clutch with a new one, and you can get back on the road to make money. This is a job for the experienced mechanic with the right set of tools.

9 November 2015

Mechanics: Here's Why You Should Outsource Some Of Your Work To A Machine Shop


As a mechanic, you probably try to do as much of your work on-site as possible. You might think that handling most things yourself is a good way to make more money while providing services to your customers, and in many situations, this is the case. However, when it comes to things like hydraulic repair or engine rebuilding, it can pay to outsource some of your work to machine shops. These are a few reasons why you should think about implementing this change in your shop.

20 May 2015

3 Surprising Claims Car Insurance Covers

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Car insurance companies cover you if you're in an accident. If you back your car into a pole, or hit another car, they can help pay for repairs, body damage, and medical bills. But did you know they may also cover things like windshield repair or vandalism? Here are three surprising claims insurance will cover: 1. Windshield Repair Windshields are prone to damage. They are especially vulnerable to cracks. Cracks can happen from all kinds of hazards.

26 October 2014

Tow Truck Company VS. Non-Experienced Towing

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While you're driving down the street, you may notice a vehicle towing a car. That may make your mind wander and think about the difference of having a tow company assist with towing instead of trying to get a friend or family member to help out. Are there more benefits of a tow company? What is better about it than doing this on your own? Why You Should Hire a Tow Truck Company

24 October 2014

Four Ways To Save Time On Your Commute

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Commuting is a necessary evil- at least until teleportation is invented. Using one of these four strategies can help you sleep in longer or get home sooner. Get in the Carpool Lane If you are driving during rush hour, being able to use the carpool lane can dramatically decrease the amount of time you spend on the road each day. If you are unable to find anyone at work to carpool with, there are now apps and websites to help you locate others who need a ride in the same direction.

22 October 2014