Planning to Go off Road? Accessories You Need for Your Truck

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If you are planning to go off road in your truck, there are certain accessories you should put on your truck both for your safety and to make travel easier for you. Below are three things to help you get started so you can determine if you would like them for your truck.

Winching Accessory Kit

You should purchase a winching accessory kit and keep it in your truck at all times. This will help you out if your off-road truck gets stuck in the mud. The kit you purchase should include a tow strap that is rated for the weight of your truck, heavy duty gloves, and clevis shackles, which secure the strap kit to the front bumper.  Many kits also come with a snatch block and a tree saver strap, which helps to increase the line pull capacity of the winch. This can help you out if you get yourself stuck in the mud.

LED Light Bar

An LED light bar should be added to your off-road truck to improve your visibility if you go off road at night. LED bulbs are beneficial because they will not be damaged due to the vibration of your truck or from impact. LED bulbs also last longer than other types of bulbs used for light bars, such as halogen and HID lighting. LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours, which means you will likely never have to replace them on your truck unless the light bar is severely damaged.

When purchasing an LED light bar, you will find them in a full-width option. These can be mounted to your truck's bumper or grille to provide you with maximum light. There are also light bars that are mid-length and are generally mounted to the bumper grille or grille guard. Even though this will not offer as much light as the full-length, mid-length LED light bars are less expensive.

Traction Ramps

Traction ramps offers more traction when pulling your truck out of the mud. The ramps are wedged under the tires stuck in the mud. They also work great if you are stuck in snow or sand. You can mount the traction ramps on a roof rack to make them easy to transport with you. They are generally sold in pairs and are made of a durable, thick plastic.

Talk with an off-road truck dealer in your area to help you determine other accessories you may need for your off-road trips.


28 November 2016

Driving a New Vehicle Style Was Easier Than I Expected

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