Six Steps To Cleaning Your Blurry Windshield


Overtime dirt and debris from other vehicles and the terrain you drive on can buildup on your windshield and cause all sorts of problems. One of those problems being a blurry windshield. When your automobile's windshield is blurry as a result of this buildup, it can feel as though you are driving through a fog even when it is crystal clear outside. Fortunately, cleaning your blurry windshield is a simple six step process.

Step One: Collect the Items You Need

In order to clean your blurry windshield properly you will need a degrease cleaner, white vinegar, a spray bottle, water, dish detergent, microfiber towels, newspaper, and automotive glass wax.

Step Two: Use the Degreaser and Water

Coat the outside of your automobile's windshield by spraying it with the degrease cleaner and some water. Your windshield is exposed to a number of oily substances while you are driving. Glass cleaner, unfortunately, is not strong enough to penetrate through all of the buildup on your windshield. Use a soft microfiber towel to scrub the windshield with the degrease cleaner and water. Then, you can rinse the windshield off with clean water.

Step Three: Use the White Vinegar

Fill the spray bottle with one third white vinegar and two thirds distilled water. It is important to avoid using tap water as the water may contain chemicals which can cause your windshield to streak. Add just a cap full of the dish detergent to the spray bottle. After closing the bottle tightly, shake it in order to mix the ingredients.

Step Four: Use the Cleaner You Have Made

Spray the windshield with the cleaner you finished making in step three. Then, you should use the newspaper to wipe away the cleaner. You want to wipe the windshield from the top to the bottom using long strokes. This will prevent streaking. You are using newspaper because it is great for polishing mirror and glass surfaces.

Step Five: Use the Automotive Glass Wax

Spray some of the automotive glass wax you have on the outside of your windshield. Then, you will buff the wax by wiping it in a circular motion. The purpose of the wax is to cause rain to bead up before falling off of the windshield. You can apply this wax to all of the windows on your vehicle as well as the lights and exterior mirrors in order to improve your visibility during a storm.

Step Six: Dry the Glass

Use the microfiber towel to dry buff the glass. Again, you should be wiping the glass in a circular motion. The microfiber towel does not contain any lint, so it will not scratch your windshield.

Consider rolling down the windows while cleaning the inside of the windshield in order to prevent yourself from inhaling too much of the cleaner. Wearing a mask over your nose and mouth while cleaning the windshield is also a great idea. 

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18 January 2016

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