4 Tips For Protecting Your Truck From Rust

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If you want your truck to stay in shape for years to come, you need to make sure that you are taking steps now to fight rust. Rust does not just pop up in one day; it takes a while for rust to build up, and it takes a while to protect your car from rust. Make sure that you are following these tips to protect your truck from rust.

Clean Under Your Truck

The area of your vehicle that is most likely to become rusted is the underside of your car. The underside of your truck is going to come into contact with water, salt and dirt the most, which makes it the more susceptible to rust.

The best way to protect your vehicle from all of those elements is by washing the underside of your vehicle on a regular basis. It is especially important for you to wash the underside of your vehicle during the winter, when there is more salt put on the roads and it is wetter outside.

You can wash the underside of your truck by taking it through the car wash and paying the additional fee to have the underside of your car washed. Or, you can place a lawn sprinkler under your truck on full blast and let it go back and forth to clean underneath your vehicle. 

Apply Rust Prevention Spray

Another way to keep your vehicle rust-free is by applying rust-prevent spray to the underside of your vehicle. You can purchase this type of spray at your local auto parts store. 

You will need to raise up your vehicle in order to spray the underside of it with this coating. Make sure that your engine is cool when you apply the spray, and make sure that you have enough time for it to dry before you drive anywhere. 

Keep Your Carpets Dry

Rust can form inside of your vehicle when salty water gets inside. Try to keep your rugs clean and dry throughout the winter. If things get too wet, take out your floor mats and put them in the dryer. Then, use your vacuum cleaner to clean and dry things.

You should also use a rug shampoo on the interior of your vehicle near the end of winter to clean up any salt water that has soaked into the carpet. This will help prevent permanent damage from the salt water. 

Keep Your Coolant Ratio Correct

You also need to make sure that you don't let rust develop inside of your vehicle either. Make sure that when you add coolant to your vehicle that you use the proper balance of coolant and water. If you add too much water to your radiator it will end up corroding your cooling system. 

If you follow the four tips above, you should be able to prevent rust from building up inside and outside of your truck. The key to keeping your truck rust free is prevention. If you're looking for truck equipment or parts, visit htttp://dsuban.com.


13 January 2016

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